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The Secretariat function of the SADC Banking Association is provided by the Banking Association South Africa. The Secretariat convenes Board meetings twice a year over and above special project meetings. Members are also serviced through a dedicated portal area which Board members can use to access information relevant to meetings, operational and governance issues.

Contact: Lungi Mbambo  | Email: lungim@sadcbanking.org

Historical Overview

Who We Are

Constituted in 1998, the SADC Banking Association’s (SADC BA) existence finds root in the CCBG’s wish that a federation of banking associations, from the SADC region, be created to interface with them on matters relating to regional financial integration in general, and the SADC Finance and Investment Protocol (FIP) specifically.The SADC BA is therefore a recognised structure of the CCBG.

Over the years the SADC BA has increased its participation on CCBG sub-committee structures and today it plays an active role in the payments, financial markets, banking supervision, and exchange control sub-committees. As a participant on the payment™s sub-committee, the SADC BA is intrinsically involved in their ground breaking Payments Project. The SADC BA views this project as being both strategic and necessary for the advancement of banking in SADC.

Beyond the CCBG agenda, the SADC BA provides a regional banking leadership platform for strategic direction to be given on matters pertinent to the transformation of the banking sector in the region. Being conscious of a collective duty to promote and transform the whole of SADC into a dynamic and well integrated economic block, the SADC BA is taking the necessary steps to maximise the cooperation of member banking associations to encourage, inter alia:

  • The creation of an environment for the development and proliferation of harmonised, inclusive, and sustainable banking services in SADC.
  • Co-operation with national regulators in the pursuit of complementary goals in order to achieve integrity and credibility with respect to banking services in the region.
  • Improved technical and regulatory capacity of member associations to make their financial markets more attractive to both regional and international investors.

In this context and currently, financial literacy, topical regulatory compliance issues, and SADC BA Payments Training are the core work themes for the Secretariat.

SADC Banking Association

Who we are

SADC Banking Association Board Members

We have created alliances with recognized entities that contribute to improving quality of banking in the SADC region.

  • Lesotho Bankers Association
  • DR Congo Bankers Association

Mr. R Mouhtajy

  • Madagascar Bankers Association
  • Malawi Bankers Association
  • Mozambique Bankers Association
  • Namibia Bankers Association

Mr. N Weber

Seychelles (affiliate)
  • Seychelles Bankers Association
  • Swaziland Bankers Association
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